How to Prepare Books
  • 1. Make sure you inspect the book you are submitting and that you are satisfied with the condition. Is it worth it to spend this money to get it graded and signed?

  • 2. Make sure you are happy with your window bag and prep job. We prefer a snug fit. We will often use 3 Silver Age Boards along with a Silver Age Bag for a Modern. This gives us a nice tight window bag with boards that are just larger than the comic to give it extra protection.

  • 3. Make sure there is nothing sticky on your window bag.

  • 4. Make sure you do not use a marker that bleeds to label anything.

  • 5. Make sure there are no sharp edges or anything that could make an indent on your book. Inspect it thoroughly. 

  • 6. Make LARGE signing boxes for the creators. You do not want them to accidentally bump their pen into the window bag while you are signing.

  • 7. Sometimes we have seen creators sign over other creators names. We do recommend making multiple windows so you can place multiple autographs where you want them to land.

  • 8. Label your books with Name, Number, Address, Who you want to sign and What grading tier.

  • 9. Make it obvious for us to see what color ink you want us to *TRY* to use

How to Estimate Cost
  • 1. Figure out how much your autograph fees add up to (contact us for artist pricing). 

  • 2. Figure out what grading tier you want to submit your comic books under. CGC Fast Track is $10 extra per book. It cuts down your wait time and is recommended by Ibis Comics for slower turnaround time tiers.

  • 3. Add up grading fees and autograph fees. 

  • 4. Add any CGC Fast Track Fees. $10 per Book. Add a $5 CGC Invoice Fee for each tier of comics you are submitting. We have to create a new invoice for each tier. Each invoice has its own independent $5 CGC Invoice Fee. 

  • 5. If comic(s) are worth more then $1000 contact us for additional insurance on package.

  • 6. Add any Prep Fees. We charge $10 per book if you need us to crack any books out of their CGC cases or if you need us to make a custom window bag for your books.

  • 7. Email us at Ibiscomics@gmail.com with your estimate for confirmation!


What happens if you are unable to get a convention sketch or signature?

A 100% refund including our fee if given out no more than 24 hours after the convention ends.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, as stated in the services section, shipping in the USA is free.  Overseas and Canada shipping is exact.  If it helps, we will hold items for you to save on shipping.  We do this for several of our customers.

Can I submit books for a CGC blue label through you?

Yes, this business has a CGC dealer account, and  we can give you a 10% discount for submitting your regular books through us.

Can I submit my books for CGC SS under my own account?

Yes, please include your dealer number or a completed CGC form.  Your fee is $5 per book you submit under your own account.

How long does it take you to ship an item that I purchase?

 All CGC signature graded comic items ship within 48 hours of arriving from CGC.  CGC turn around time  varies from grading tier. Comics bought from the shop will ship in less than 48 hours from purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Money Order, Paypal and Credit Cards via paypal (Paypal payments 3.5% addon to invoice).